C2 Xplore


Most common applications:

  • DCS - Direct cortical and subcortical stimulation with ot w/o muscles reaction recording
  • EMG Thyroid surgery
  • EMG Parotidectomy
  • EMG Acousticus Neuroma
  • EMG Pedicle screw placement
  • EMG Vertebral disc replacement by lateral approach
  • All orthopedic surgeries, traumatology
The C2 Xplore is a Nerve and Direct cortical monitoring system able to monitor muscles recodings up to 8 channels at the same time. Thanks to its 2 independants stimulators, you will be able to make a constant stimulation and a focus one (intermittent).
Easy to configure, it allows a full patient data recording and exportation.
During thyroid surgeries, thanks to its channel select software option and our specific laryngeal electrode, C2 will be your ideal neuromonitoring system without signal compromises!