In a few words:

  • Monitoring of all the evoked potentials intraoperatively (EMG, MEP, SSEP, EEG, AEP,VEP, phase reversion,...)
  • USB modules amplifier and stimulator
  • Microscope interface
  • Remote control and network connection
  • Easy handling trolley with touchscreen
  • User friendly Software with reliable recordings
  • Direct Cortical or peripheral Stimulation in mono or bipolar
  • Modulable up to 128 recording channels
ISIS IOM is an Intra operative monitoring that allows the medical team to monitor all the evoked potentials peroperatively.
With this system, you will be able to constantly take care of the neural integrity of the patient during your surgeries.
Thanks to its different configurations and its flexible equipment, it's easily adaptable to all types of surgery and to the exiguity of the operating rooms. The shielding of its elements minimizes the artifacts ineluctably related to an operating theatre's environment.
The large choice of accessories makes it possible to carry out various peripheral or direct cortical stimulations.
IntraOperative NeuroMonitoring became worldwide a “gold standard” for the most procedures.